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jensenfamily's Journal

Lars and Benna Jensen's Family
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Welcome to the "Lars and Benna Jensen's Family" community on Live Journal. This community is for members and friends of the family of Lars and Benna Jensen from Alberta, Canada.

Only members of the community may post or make comments. This restriction is to ensure the community remains useful and free from unrelated posts. To become a member, ensure you have a public posting on your journal that indicates your relationship to Lars and Benna. (If you do not want to create a public posting, create a friends only posting and friend me (njc2007) so I can view it.) After making your posting available, request membership in this community. Once I have verified your information, I will activate your membership.

We have a family reunion coming up in August 2007, and this is a good place to get in touch beforehand and to maintain contact afterward.


Nancy / njc2007
granddaughter to Lars and Benna through Ivan and Joyce
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